Saving lives: treating life threatening burns

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Open fires in the Samburu houses lead to burns. Hand, heads, feet, legs – some are worse than others and some take months and months of dressings followed by hospital care and skin grafts. Here at Ol Malo the Samburu Trust has recognised burns as a real need. Bush telegraph has been incredibly effective in spreading the word and people now travel for days and weeks to bring bad burns to us. As a result – this year we have seen some of the worst burns ever.

Our favorite story was a little girl who’s burnt head was so bad that the bone was showing. After getting expert advice for our Clinical Directors and the medical team who assist them we established that the only way to treat and heal this wound was to dress the head until the flesh had grown over the bone, and when the bone was covered take the child for skin grafting. The little girl would arrive every two days on a boda boda (motorbike) with her mother for dressing. A painful ordeal and three months later we took her for skin grafts – and the results are incredible.

The burns room  is a fantastic way to support the people making a real difference.

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