Wild Living

So with a new facelift on our website we’ve decided the ‘done’ thing is to write a blog!

Ha… easier said than done for a family who are allergic to being stuck on computers or doing anything too technical… although googling ‘how to’ does get used quite often when you can’t reach a vet and need to help a cow who’s struggling to give birth or can’t get the technician and need to fix the pool pump, or how best to make glasses out of wine bottles?! You name it we’ve googled it! So other than using the ‘google’ for our day to day DIY we’ll try and connect once in a while to relay some of the fun, and hardships of every day life on an Kenyan family ranch with our livestock and free roaming wildlife we protect, our neighbors the Samburu Tribe and the guests we welcome in to experience some #wildliving !

Stay tuned for Adventure.